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The Secret to Transforming Your Game

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Fred Shoemaker knows that golfers are far more able than they believe.  In this video, the founder of One of America’s Top 25 Golf Schools demonstrates the paradigm of learning/coaching at the heart of his team’s work.

Experience this unique way of learning as Fred coaches actor Michael Tucker and a group of golfers in learning how to learn and practice, in learning how to self-coach, access their natural ability, make solid contact, develop awareness/concentration, bring their learning to the course, and much more.

For whom is this video intended?  Everyone.  And anyone wanting to strengthen their capacity to perform, self-coach and learn, including new to experienced golfers, golf professionals, coaches and parents who coach their kids.  More than an instructional video, Extraordinary Golf is golf education.


  1. Mike


    I have read both books so my review is not from a “cold” watch of the video. I found the video extremely helpful in explaining many of the concepts found in the books. I do not know, however, if the video would have been as helpful without first reading the books. Will this video take you from a 100-golfer to shooting even par overnight? Probably not. Will it help you get more enjoyment out of the game and maximize your potential? Yes.

    More importantly, this video is worth more than any lesson you can take.

    I have played highly competitive golf for the past 20 years. Two years ago, I put away my clubs for good (or so I thought). I had reached a point when everything I did seemed and felt wrong. After watching this video, I picked back up my clubs and found new confidence in myself. I have also found new insights into why my range-game never matched my on-course play.

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